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Vina Gowdy – 2021 BPA SLC

10 Ways To Make SLC the Best It Can Be

1. Be positive! If you approach any event with a negative attitude you’re setting yourself up for a bad experience.
2. Network! Despite the virtual setting you can still post on OKBPA hashtags and find other members to interact with!
3. Participate! If you don’t use every resource being given to you at SLC then you’re msising out!!
4. Interact with the State Officers!! A huge part of why we wanted to be on this team was to get to interact with members like you, and we want to get to know you and let you get to know us better as well!
5. Participate with your chapter!! In this virtual setting you’ll have an opportunity to have more members present than you might have during a traditional membership year, so make sure to make the best of it while you can!
6. Practice for your competitive event now!! Make sure you’re prepared when it comes time to do your competition so you can hear your name called at SLC!!
7. Start a tradition for you and your chapter or your BPA friends before or after SLC – even if you’re a senior you can always pass it down to the next generation of BPA members to enjoy!
8. Encourage as many people to attend as possible-having more people to share the experience will make it all the more enjoyable!
9. Bring your favorite snacks-another benefit of a virtual format!
10. Go into it with an open mind!! You only have so much time to experience conference and not enough to waste complaining!!
-Jacob Schonfield, 20-21 OK BPA State President

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