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My BPA story started my Freshman year at Cushing High School. I was not an active member at all. I never went to the meetings, and I only really signed up so I could say I was a part of something. I never really knew much about BPA or what they stood for, I was just in there because a few of my friends were. I had no idea back then that BPA would be such a big part of who I am today and what I am going to college for!

I wasn’t in BPA my Sophomore year of high school because I didn’t have room in my schedule to be in it. I kind of regret not being more active that year because I was so focused on working that I felt I had little to no time when I now realize that I did have the time, I just didn’t want to make time for it.

My Junior year I joined the Business and Information Technology program at Central Technology Center, and that is when my BPA career kicked off. I jumped head first into anything and everything I could. I did fundraisers and all the service projects I could. I attended Fall Leadership Conference, and attended State Leadership Conference where I competed and got first place on the Economic Research Team. I ran and got voted onto the State Executive Council where I have made so many new memories, and I even went on to compete virtually for Nationals.

This year has been a whirl wind of being busy and doing so many fun things with the Oklahoma BPA State Executive Council. I am competing on my chapters Parliamentary Procedures Team, and I am so excited to be on stage at our State Leadership Conference in March!

-Brannon Watts


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