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My name is Makayla Adams and I am the Oklahoma Business Professionals of America 2023-2024 State President. Having a position on the State Executive Council has been such an honor! Being elected in March 2023 was just the start of one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have gained an extraordinary amount of leadership and professional skills. In September 2023, Oklahoma BPA went to an Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball game. Various members who attended Dodgers Day were new to BPA, by offering guidance into the business world, I was able to make connections along the way. Experiencing the Fall Leadership Conference as a state officer was immaculate. I was given many opportunities to network with members from all over the state. Being able to lead my first-ever workshop was a great privilege, I was able to help members who needed guidance in their chapter officer position. The 2023 FLC as a whole was a wonderful experience. In November 2023, my state officer team went on the first-ever Quality Chapter Tour. We reached 350 members in just five days. Unlike our typical conferences, this tour allowed one-on-one bonding experiences between state officers and chapter members. We had several fun activities and then gave members time to create “Why Statements” to tell their BPA stories. I am extremely proud to say I was a part of the state officer team that added the Quality Chapter Tour to Oklahoma BPA! Throughout my term, I have grown extremely close to my state officer team. Building a strong bond with my team has been an experience like no other. I am grateful to call these extraordinary leaders my friends. From Dodger’s Day in September to the State Leadership Conference in March, I have gained so much experience, insight, and overall confidence through my position on the SEC. My time as a state officer is an experience I will always be grateful for.

-Makayla Adams

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