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The reason I joined BPA was mostly due to the family like environment it contains in my school. The organization is highly respected among students and staff members. It is also one of the most active organizations in the school and very community oriented.

The advisor Mrs. Smitherman has always aimed to make BPA one of those enjoyable high school memories. This rubbed off on the students, and just made it very friendly for potential members. All of the leaders of my school at the time were BPA members, and you truly see the difference in their leadership compared to others who were not involved. They had poise, elegance, business mindsets, and always thought ahead.

That coming year I joined and became president of the chapter. My goal was to help cultivate and expand the inclusive culture. That same year for the first time we included middle school students and launched our first mid-level chapter. That was a truly vital initiative we took. We then saw a difference in those mid-level members who transitioned to become secondary members. They were already aware of most things first year secondary members were not aware of and a couple of the mid level students even went to nationals.

This experience has shown me my true potential and taught me to believe in myself even when nobody else does. BPA has been a part of my growth in leadership, and service, and for that my love for this organization shall never fade but only grow stronger.

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